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Submitted on
December 5, 2013


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Lore of the Envoy Cover by knighthead

So I always come back to this the longer I put off the official creation of this comic. When I start drawing this comic, would you (the potential readers) prefer it to be read left-to-right (American/European style) or right-to-left(Japanese style)?

American/European Style
:star: Pros
Readers unfamiliar with manga won't be jarred
Pages will be print-ready for an American audience
Can possibly submit to American/French publishers without needing to rework pages

Japanese Style
:star: Pros
The style leads you to believe it would be read like traditional manga
People who read this are more likely to be fans of manga and would prefer it right-to-left
People expecting manga would be jarred if it was left-to-right

If I decided to publish the story, either way, it would be self-published so the orientation overall shouldn't matter. It's really just what the potential readers would find best, I guess. Also, I'm back and forth on whether to paint it or just have black and white pages. The latter takes a lot less work, but I went back and looked at my original inspiration to make a webcomic, :iconelsevilla:
Hamadryad lament  02 by elsevilla Hamadryad's Lament by elsevilla
His pages were just so beautiful and inspiring, and I know when it comes to comics, I stick around more for the artwork than anything. I often get bored of black-and-white manga if it's not drawn with a lot of energy (good black placement, a nice graphic style, really interesting and intricate environments). If I play to my strengths, I'd do a full-color comic, but the time to put into that would be so much that I might not be able to keep it updated as much as I'd like, especially when I need to do other work to afford groceries and whatnot. Inconsistency in painting could also come up, since there's always those panels you just don't feel like drawing. Maybe I can avoid those, this is entirely my story. I just don't want to mess up this idea I've had for so long with the wrong start.   

And of course, commissions are open. I'mma be doing some gift arts for the holidays and now that classes are over, I have all the time to draw!

COMMISSION INFORMATIONSo I've gotten a lot of requests for commissions and the one thing I'm missing is organization! I don't have many examples to show(and nothing specifically a bust or full-body, but you should get the gist of what those would entail), but as soon as this gets off the ground I'll be able to supply more. Commissions will be for a full-color illustration in my manga style.
:star:Greyscale Sketch $20
A greyscale sketch will be a quick greyscale drawing. By their nature, there will not be revisions given for this type of commission. These are often rough and "incomplete," as they are sketches and not finished works.

:star:Bust/head shot $30
Self-explanatory, this is essentially a character portrait. In some cases, more can be drawn.

:star:Waist-up or 3/4 shot $60
From head to the waist or upper-thighs, composition permitting.

COMMISSION STATUS! [OPEN]Here I'm going to put live commissions so both parties can keep track of what's going on where. I didn't expect to get enough traffic to commissions for this to be a relevant thing!
:star: Waist-Up Character [PAID] [On Hold]
:star: Waist-Up Character [PAID] [On Hold]
:star: Waist-Up Character [PAID] [On Hold]
:star: Waist-Up Character
:star: Waist-Up Character

A list of members who I have completed work for. Thank you everyone!
:iconAceRailgun: :iconloveslut: :iconLunachi139: :iconkcravenyote: :iconTheDemonfyre: :iconZerro:
:iconZandock: :iconelee0228: :iconSeizui: :icontakkunotori: :iconwaffleleech: :iconTorrentAB:

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NearoC Dec 14, 2013   Digital Artist
My vote's for right to left
newtypeFERN Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm fine with either, but I prefer left-to-right. :)
AmikaMangaka Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm making my comic right to left because of authenticity. I've heard people recommend that a lot of people like it left to right... but personally I find it hard to look at a manga-styled page and then read it left to right.

So my personal vote is right to left, but other people might fell differently :)
knighthead Dec 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Authenticity is a big part of it! If I was doing a completely black and white manga, I'd definitely go right-to-left as to not seem like a shallow imitation. Before meeting me in person, a lot of my peers thought I as a Japanese artist anyway, so in that sense it wouldn't seem that jarring. Get a good translator and my story could seem like something straight out of Jump. But since I feel like painting it now, I think it would be silly to completely go for the "authenticity" card, since a proper manga also needs those crisp lines and confident use of tone (if any tone is used at all). 
Of course, this won't be my only webcomic I try to do, so I've got room to experiment!
Which reminds me, I've got some black and white pages I did for this comic in class. Right-to-left, not that great, but it was enough to push me into wanting to do this in color, haha (somehow more work than a painted page... oof).
AmikaMangaka Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:) That's a really good point. Since you're doing it in Color I can see it going left to right very easily. As long as the art itself directs the reader you should be fine. I've read both types where it could be confusing if the author messed up the composition. Good luck :D
ashfeathers Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I like right to left just because it's more comfortable to read...but for a webcomic maybe left to right may be better.
Tigerfestivals Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
left to right would be better, imho. I've got nothing against the other way, but it just wouldn't make any sense to me to do it right to left if it isn't originally in a language that requires that.
knighthead Dec 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
True enough! I often get people asking what direction my pages should read in, even when they were originally left-to-right. 
Rutana Dec 5, 2013  Student Writer
I say, left to right, like a western Comic.
Simple reason: This is a webcomic. You change the pages, usually, by clicking to an arrow pointing to the right. I find it hard to orientate on webcomics, when they lead in both directions (right to left reading, but left to right turning pages).
Printed, it's fine both ways for me, but reading digitally really makes me prefer reading from left to right.
It's also more universal. Many who read webcomics, don't necessary read Mangas, too. In fact, most webcomics are left to right - so for them, it might be very confusing, you basically make it harder for a big part of your possible audience. While everyone, who reads Manga, is used to read from left to right, too (at least outside of japan and other countries where right to left is standart XD)

Don't know, just my 2 cents :)
knighthead Dec 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, audience limitations is a big thing. :iconshilin:'s webcomic reads right-to-left, and the style benefits that, especially being black and white. Of course, it's really only Japanese comics that go right-to-left-- French, Korean, American, et cetera all go left-to-right. 
I know how to set it up so that it tells you to read right-to-left and the arrow would point to the left saying "next page," but you raise a good point there. Even on sites like MangaInn, you click to the right to go to the next page, even though it reads the other way. One thing that worries me about going with the left-to-right orientation is how I usually feel when I see that happen. Like with Tokyopop's OEL manga series', I often felt jarred and like "this is an imitation" when they had the artists draw left-to-right. Same with Dark Horse's translated manga, but that goes along with "flipping murders the art" and so on. 
Good points to think about, though. The whole left-to-right being more universal part is what strikes the hardest.
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